Russian Language & Culture courses

InFlorence Academy collaborates with the Russian Cultural Centre to organize Russian language courses of various levels. Courses are held from Monday to Saturday, at a choice of times, both individual and group courses.

Our courses

Courses are held by Russian mother-tongue speakers using effective, recognized and constantly updated teaching methodologies. For group courses a minimum of 3 people is required. The language level of each student is taken into account when forming groups in order to guarantee an optimum learning experience.

  • Basic level AO;
  • Intermediate level A1;
  • Advanced level B1;
  • Preparation course for the International Certification for Russian Language (TRKI).

In addition to lessons, students will have the possibility of participating free of charge in the events organized by the Russian Cultural Centre, for example performances, presentations, guided visits, cultural events, painting sessions. The aim of these activities is to allow students to learn about the traditions and culture of Russia because it is important to understand the culture of the language studied.



Our groups


    • “at school with mummy/daddy” – Russian language for parents with children aged 2-3: play activities aimed at promoting Russian language skills;
    • pre-school – preparation for school, educational games, development of motor skills, grammar and vocabulary, maths and logic, creative activities;
    • primary school – Russian language, reading skills, grammar and vocabulary development, maths and logic, creative and music activities, theatre workshops;
    • secondary school– Russian language, Russian literature, Russian History and Geography, drawing, music and theatre;
    • Russian for adults– Russian language courses of all levels for young adults and adults;
    • Individual Russian language, literature and conversation lessons.

    Courses are held by mother-tongue Russian language teachers.

About the school

The first State-recognized Italian language school in Florence. The highest quality language courses, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education.



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