Successful learning

Successful learning methodology


Our mission is to set you on the path to successful learning.

We create the best learning environment which leads you to your personal study objective and offers you a quality learning experience.

The international nature of our school, with students from many countries of the world, offers opportunities for enriching intercultural encounters.


  • Learning: Our courses are organised in weekly modules with detailed learning objectives for your level. Your teacher explains these aims to you so you are able to monitor your progress. You are consulted as a partner in this process. You have a review lesson at the end of each week.
  • Teaching : Our teachers are experts, qualified at teaching language in their mother tongue. They use a variety of innovative approaches to design an ideal program for your particular class. We focus on creating the right environment for you to learn effectively. This means that classes are interesting and the learning progress is rapid, thanks also to project and group work, the most up-to-date materials, computer learning programs, video and audio facilities.
  • Methodologies: Our methods are tried and tested. New teaching methodologies and the latest technical facilities are used wherever possible. We teach the language you need to communicate in real life. You do exercises to improve your fluency and accuracy and we provide activities which require real communication.
  • Personalisation: Right from day one your individual needs are identified. After an entry test and interview you are placed in the most suitable class for your level. You receive feedback from your entry test, lessons and homework progress tests. Your teachers find time to talk to you regularly and give you recommendations for guided independent study in the learning centre. We place great emphasis on close consultation, which ensures that you select the most suitable course based on your personal requirements.
  • Progress: We help you to progress more quickly through the feedback from teacher assessments and tests. At the end of your stay you will feel confident about what you can now do in the language. Your Eurocentres Certificate and the Linguistic Profile details the language level you have achieved.

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