Your quality accredited language school in Florence


  • The school is Quality accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education (DD. MM. 1/6/87 - 14/6/90) for its success in teaching Italian language and culture to foreign students since 1957.


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*IMPORTANT: Swedish students who decide to attend our courses for at least 13 weeks can apply for a study grant.


  • Our high training standards are guaranteed by EAQUALS, the European Association for Quality in Language Services.

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  • The school is part of EDUITALIA, an association which brings together Quality accredited Universities and Schools based in Italy and that guarantees a welcome policy to foreign students and researchers who actively collaborate with these institutions.

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  • The school also partnerships with the Accademia della Crusca, the prestigious Italian Institution of scholars and experts in linguistics and philology.


  • Our Italian language and culture courses are recognized in Germany as professional training courses (Bildungsurlaub) for employees.


  • Our school is a partner of ENAIP Schweiz, an organization that carries out personal and professional training all over the world.  www.enaip.ch

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