University of Wisconsin Milwaukee (UWM)

U.S University credits


Thanks to the school’s collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM), U.S  university credits (recognized by every University in the United States) can be released to students who regularly attend an Italian language course in our school, together with the school certificate.

The teachers of UWM make regular inspections in the school to ensure the compatibility between the school programmes and the needs of the U.S. students.


How many credits will I get?

Credits are generally awarded according to the following table. Please note that the table is a guideline only. Credit hours are based on a conversion of 15 class hours to 1 credit hour. If, for example, you do not have a class because of national or local holidays, then these missed class hours will not count towards your credits.



The precise grade-bonus that you receive in addition will be based upon the net increase in your level both overall and in each of the following six aspects of language proficiency: Oral comprehension; Written comprehension; Spoken interaction; Spoken production; Written production; Linguistic knowledge.


How much does it cost?

In addition to the tuition cost for the chosen course, and of the non refundable enrolment fee of Euro 70, there is a 310 Euro credit processing fee .


Can I receive credits from my university?

Ask your personal university tutor. In some cases US universities can directly assign credits for the Eurocentres course and you will be able to receive all the necessary information in the United States. Otherwise you can contact our administrative office in Florence


How can I require this service?

Please state clearly on your enrolment form that you would like to obtain the US credits when you enroll in your Eurocentres course, or ask the manager of the school during your course. For any other information, please contact writing “USA Credits” in the e-mail subject.


How long will it take?

You must hand in your credit request at the end of the course and you will receive your credits after approximately 8-12 weeks.


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