Professional Cooking

The Professional Italian cooking course aims at teaching the art of Italian cooking, starting from the basic techniques to the creation of more elaborate dishes, through the preparation of four dishes during each lesson.



  • Lessons (per week): 8 hands on cooking lessons a week (two sessions)
  • 1 lesson= 50 minutes
  • Entry levels: 0-9
  • Duration: From 4 to 20 weeks
  • Also available in English
  • Course price: under request
  • Enrolment Fee: No enrolment fee will be charged if a student is enrolled in a course of Italian. If the student enrolls in this course without taking a language course there will be a € 15 non refundable enrolment fee. This € 15 fee must be paid only once should the student enroll in more than one additional course (i.e. enrolls in Cucina Italiana, Storia dell’arte, etc.).

About the school

The first State-recognized Italian language school in Florence. The highest quality language courses, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education.



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