Survival Italian

Survival Italian is a basic Italian course, exclusively created for those who are staying for just a short period in Florence and want to learn to interact from the start with their environment.


  • Conversation skills for communicating in every day situations (ordering in a restaurant, asking for directions, shopping etc.)
  • Listening activities
  • Oral reproduction
  • Simple simulations


  • Course Duration: 2 weeks, 20 lessons*

* It is also possible to attend just a 1 week course of 10 lessons if required.


A Tuition
B Tuition + Homestay in single room, halfboard
C Tuition + Homestay in single room, breakfast
D Tuition + Residence, single room, cooking facilities
E Tuition + Luxury residence, single room, breakfast


Survival Italian Course

Prices in Eur A B C D* E
2 weeks 200 750 602 1.1.130 1.196

* The price refers to a minimum stay of 4 weeks: prices may vary according to the residence structure available and the duration of the stay.

About the school

The first State-recognized Italian language school in Florence. The highest quality language courses, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education.



Int. Palazzo Guadagni Piazza S. Spirito 9,
50125 Firenze
Tel. +39 055 213030
Fax +39 055 216497