Eurocentres turned out to be more than I expected. Though it was highly recommended by a friend, one still has doubts about learning a language in just a couple of weeks. Believe it or not, after two weeks in Florence I was able to sustain a conversation outside of the school and surprisingly make quite a few Italian friends. This was mind boggling to me because learning a language is often considered to be a very academic process.

My success with Italian was truly influenced by the Eurocentres staff. Their enthusiasm and passion towards the students and their experience in Italy is quite admirable. The classes are all very interactive and in less than a week you will notice that, in some way or other, they get you talking! Thanks to Eurocentres I was able to exchange ideas and share memories with people from all around the globe. The school organizes all type of events and courses, including the Opera History course which helped me a lot as a Classical Singer.
Staying with a host family was also a very enriching and exciting experience. It is an opportunity to interact with an Italian family and to learn from their lifestyle. Due to this great deal of cultural interaction and discovering, I can now return to my studies in Classical Voice with not only this beautiful language but with a personal growth that without a doubt has changed my life forever!

Tatiana Kallmann - Colombia

Tatiana Kallmann - Colombia,