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Course Description

Preparation course for CELI examinations. CELI is the official Italian language exam of the Perugia University for Foreigners.

InFlorence Academy is an official test centre for CELI examinations (levels 1-5).

Exam calendar:

Tuesday 20th June 2023 (Enrolment deadline 12th May 2023).
Tuesday 21st November 2023 (Enrolment deadline 12th October 2023).

CELI EXAM PREPARATION COURSE: € 210 (+ € 80 enrolment fee for external candidates)

EXAM FEE: € 120 (+ € 80 enrolment fee for external candidates)

It is possible to take the CELI exam at our school without taking a preparation course.

Location: Florence

Course duration: 2 weeks**

**The course can also be attended in only one week,  if the student prefers to concentrate the course in the week before the exam.


Number of Lessons: 10

10 lessons: 6 individual lessons + 4 lessons of guided self-study to prepare the student for all the tests included in the certification exam: listening, comprehension of a written text, linguistic competence, written production and oral production.


Need a accomodation?

Whether you choose to stay with a host family, in a residence, hotel or private apartment you can be sure that the high quality standards set by InFlorence Academy will always be maintained.

Our aim is to make you feel truly at home in Florence.

InFlorence Academy offers an accommodation finding service for its students:

  • We can arrange a room for you with an Italian family, an excellent way to improve your language skills and discover the real Italian culture.
  • Alternatively we can organize accommodation in a residence where you will have a studio apartment with a private bathroom and kitchenette.
  • The school can also help students to find a private apartment.


Luxury Residence


Private Apartment


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