Russian Language and Culture Courses

Course Description

InFlorence Academy collaborates with the Russian Cultural Centre to organise Russian language courses of various levels. Individual and group courses take place from Monday to Saturday and students can choose the times which best suit their needs.

Course program

Courses are held by mothertongue Russian teachers using effective teaching methodologies which are constantly updated. Group courses are activated with a minimum of 3 students. Each individual’s language level is taken into account during the formation of groups in order to guarantee a successful learning experience.

  • Basic level AO;
  • Intermediate level A1;
  • Advanced level B1;
  • Preparation course for the International Certificate of the Russian Language (TRKI).

Students will also have the opportunity to participate free of charge in the cultural events organised by the Russian Cultural Centre. These include performances, presentations, guided visits, cultural events and art sessions. The aim of these activities is to introduce students to Russian traditions and culture, an important aspect of learning any language.



"At school with mum and dad”

Russian language for the parents of pre-school children (2-3 years): play activities aimed at improving Russian language skills;



Preparation for school, educational games, motor skills development, grammar and vocabulary, maths and logic, creative activities;



Russian language, reading skills, grammar and vocabulary development, maths and logic, creative and musical activities, theatre;



Russian language, Russian literature, Russian history & geography, drawing, music, theatre;


Russian for adults

Russian language courses for young adults and adults;


Individual lessons of Russian language, literature and conversation.

Location: Florence


Need a accomodation?

Whether you choose to stay with a host family, in a residence, hotel or private apartment you can be sure that the high quality standards set by InFlorence Academy will always be maintained.

Our aim is to make you feel truly at home in Florence.

InFlorence Academy offers an accommodation finding service for its students:

  • We can arrange a room for you with an Italian family, an excellent way to improve your language skills and discover the real Italian culture.
  • Alternatively we can organize accommodation in a residence where you will have a studio apartment with a private bathroom and kitchenette.
  • The school can also help students to find a private apartment.


Luxury Residence


Private Apartment


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